White House Posts (Blog Post, redacted)

These were all posted on the White House website.  No response yet, but I am waiting.  I know I am on the right track when someone comes to kill me.  The truth will set us free, and liars should be the first to be tested on the field of honor.

You can see why I say that I have been co-opted by the Resistance.

Donald Trump took office on Jan. 20, 2017, it will take centuries to correct the damage that he is doing. That is if any of us are still around.

Peace, Love, and the Revolution!


Jan. 29, 2017


I am not a democrat, nor a liberal, and I voted.

Thanks to Donald Trump’s rants, I have just subscribed to the NY Times, and the Sierra Club; I am already in the AARP. I have signed 4 petitions for seeing Trump’s taxes, asking him to resign, and am looking for the impeachment one.  I am taking the names of who are enabling him to vote against in 2018, and I am beginning to write all my representatives.  I have been lied to by professionals since I was 16 years old and started paying attention!  So now you have my name, and when the work camps start, the death camps, and the secret police are at the door you can find me easily.  America was great, not anymore!  If US justice, or the world courts do not catch up to you, I hope that God’s justice does soon.


[dated early Feb.]

Mr. “so called President”, I doubt very seriously you will read this, even if you are capable of reading it, but one has to try.  Do you remember the “Peter Principle”?  In a hierarchy, rising to one’s level of incompetence?  You surely have done that.  You may be an exemplary tasteless, money grubber, but you have no idea how to govern.  You have never done a civil service job in your life.  I doubt you have read “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau, “That government is best which governs least.”  Social and moral training seems to be lacking in your back ground.  You appear to have not even learned to hire competent people around you and let them do their job.

Let’s start with the basics, I am not a democrat, not a liberal, not a reporter, and I do vote to slow down the evil that people do in my name. That has failed miserably this time. I do not want your wall, we are Americans, not cowards to hide behind walls.  I do not want extreme vetting, except in your case.  I want to see the last 20 years of your taxes as I believe you to be in violation of your oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. from enemies foreign and domestic.  Your failure to do so just supports your guilt.  I do not want the Dakota Access Pipeline, it is just another example of rich people getting rich on the backs of the poor.  We still owe the Sioux for what Grant did to the Black Hills.

You have no call to whine about “leaks” because your very nature breeds disloyalty.   Half the people who voted this last election hate you, half the people love you.  You have no idea how to heal the wound.  The only honorable thing you could do right now is resign.  Pence would carry on being a stooge of business interests at the expense of the working stiff without you.  You have done enough damage.

Just a quick history lesson that you will be incapable of understanding. ISIS did not rise because we did not take the oil.  It did not rise because of Clinton or Obama.  It rose because we installed the Shah in Iran.  It rose because the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.  It rose because the Soviets encouraged the assassination of Ambassador Dubs in Kabul in 1979.  ISIS has risen because the Bush administration mishandled 9/11.  ISIS has risen because we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.  In the middle of the “Great Game” we are all guilty of horrible crimes that the wealthy and powerful only seem to ignore at the expense of the people.  Do you even remember the “Great Game”?

There is an old joke about how you tell if a lawyer is lying, their lips are moving. It works equally well for politicians.  You are now a politician.  Like everybody else, your lips are moving.  I do not want your protection.  Americans can defend themselves.  You Eastern bastards should just butt out, and go back to your money-grubbing.  Stop embarrassing me!  Please!


[same date early Feb.]

Mr. “so called” Vice President Mike Spence. I originally thought you were just going to be some Trump apologist, but with your tie breaking vote on Betsy DeVos I now see you are just aiding and abetting our “so called” President.  You also appear to have very poor judgement as to the people around you (ie Flynn). I am keeping a list of all the people I will actively be campaigning against in 2018.  That is only 21 months away, but I have my doubts this country will still exist.  It is a short time for being in prison, but a very long time to worry about what corporate shills are doing to our children’s children.

I am not a democrat, or a liberal, and I try to vote against the evil that people can do. I was just going to retire in a few years and write my memoirs, but with the horrors coming out of DC right now, it looks like I am going to get active.

You have a chance to do the right thing. The Russians and the Chinese are already poking at US resolve around the world to see how we react.  They are probably channeling funds into Trump’s pocket as we speak.  Please clean up your mess!

Isaiah 20:5

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.”


Feb. 17, 2017

Whitehouse Pres/Vice

Of course I trust the main stream media more than you! You are a lying politician, and a rich person with an agenda who is too scared to release the last 20 years of his tax records so he can be properly vetted.  I can find a crappy job anywhere.  I know how to read, and read between the lines.


Mar. 10, 2017

I just found out about Donald Trump’s business dealings in Baku, Azerbaijan. There are moneys linked to the Iranian Republican Guard.  Trump is laundering money for terrorists.  No wonder he will not release his tax returns.  If there is a terror attack in America now, I will blame him!  Traitor!


Apr. 8, 2017

Perhaps you remember one of my comments last month finding out that Donald Trump was helping to launder money from the Iranian Republican guard with a hotel project in Baku, Azerbaijan. I told him that the next terrorist attack in America I would blame on him.  When Assad’s regime dropped sarin gas in Iblib Province this week, I count that as a terror attack sponsored by not only Assad’s regime, but Iran and Russia, Syria’s allies.  Donald Trump’s inept handling of Middle Eastern diplomacy over the last couple of months is what caused this attack.  I blame those lives on him.  As to what the pointless act of launching about 60 million dollars’ worth of Tomahawk missiles on Al Shayrat air base to make him feel like he is in control, we will just have to see what the repercussions will be.  He is still under investigation for his ties to the Russian Federation, and Assad, the Kremlin, and Iran will respond in their own way.  When the Clinton administration launched 60 or 70 Tomahawk missiles into Afghanistan in 1998, it produced zero results: 9/11 still happened and we invaded Afghanistan.  That has not fixed much has it?  It is odd the Trump administration is following in the steps of Bill Clinton.


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