Anarchy in Proverbs


     Ask me no Questions, I’ll tell you know Lies.

1. If you use people as machines, they will eventually be replaced by machines.

2. Science and technology teach people how to use machines.

3. Politics is the opiate of the middle class.

4. Any nation which kills to protect society isn’t the best.

5. Any religion which claims to know what “God” wants doesn’t.  (“God” is more than capable of talking to a person if It wants to, and visa versa.)

6. Anarchy through Empathy.

7. Organization should never last longer than it takes to preserve a life.

8. When the need ends, so should the organization.

9. Organization should never come before the need. (Hindsight is always best.)

10. Living is important.

11. You never really know what Living is unless you Die.

12. Any nation founded on revolution should not be trusted to represent its people.

13. Violence is an individual act.

14. Satan is a Christian angel.

15. There are no wars except magical ones.

16. Humans can’t be trusted with Organization.

17. All Organization lends itself to corruption.

18. Individuals are corrupt, but without Organization they can do little harm.

19. Proverbs are a way of living; Law is a philosophy of life.

20. Love is just Lust misspelled.

21. When cries of Law & Order are in the Press, somebody wants to rule the sewer.

22. Law and Order make people feel good about living in a sewer.

23. Law preserves the power of the pack, not the True Person.

24. Always leave it for somebody in the future to make it perfect; it makes them feel needed.

25. Never fool around with something that is already done, unless you really have to.

26. When Society can be protected as a unit, it can be put on trial and condemned as a unit.

27. Anarchy is not political.  A true Anarchist should not involve themselves in any political struggle. (Never argue with a fool, people might not be able to tell the difference.)

28. A law is the imposition of the few upon the many. Better to live under and empire where the few are known.

first published in Wind Row II, Spring, 1989.



About johnsmithiiimxiii

John Smith, IIMXIII is the avatar of an award winning poet, artist, etc. who still lives in the Palouse country of the Pacific NW. He has not received much notice with his prose . . . but as his avatar, I hope that he keeps plugging along.

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