The Story So Far


Early “Dysfunctional-Art” project with recycled material.

This seems like a good point in “A Total Solid Waste”, the blog, to fill in some of the back story and outline the future of the effort. The two blogs [BlogSpot & WordPress] basically encompass my first two books (chapbooks) “For the Love of Death: the early years” & “Living With a Stranger: self portrait”. There are probably sidebars in both. Some of those poems were published in various publications along the way. Both were privately printed, and both are out of print.

My continuing posts on WordPress will be new material, sidelines, perhaps some material that has been published on the web elsewhere. Some of it might even be the earliest, really young embarrassing stuff that everybody should see. It will keep people in this line of work honest, and help us all realize that this is a lifetime job, career, pursuit? Whatever? But is a thing we all start out in and learn through the process of “Poetry School” which is part academic, but the world and universe are just as important. People too, it has to be partly cultural, and there are lots and lots of cultures.

Some of it will be parts of one of my next projects “Some Notes on 21st Century Sorcery” (a working title). It will hopefully keep me motivated and working. This is kind of fun, and I am not totally dead yet. I may be barking mad, but what the hell! (Bark, Bark)

I also pulled together a third book (chapbook) of poetry “Love is Just Lust Misspelled” along the way. It too was privately printed. Some of the works there were published elsewhere, some not. What I am going to try as an experiment is to put it on Amazon Publishing as an e-text, something like a kindle book. It will be cheap for people who are interested, and if there is enough interest and financial support perhaps I can get it back into a print form. From there it will be getting the other two works back in an on-line form as well.

I use to send out a lot of material to magazines, contests. I really haven’t been doing that since around the millennium (2000). Most of my poems have been published in literary magazines that are obscure, or never reach a large market. I have only had one short story ever published in a small university magazine. I will try and get that on “A Total Solid Waste” as well.

So I hope you keep following, and it all entertains and keeps you coming back. Writing for an audience is one of those important life lessons. You have to make them happy and entertained. Just like any good writer, the creator and the consumer should all work together on this “long strange trip”.

About johnsmithiiimxiii

John Smith, IIMXIII is the avatar of an award winning poet, artist, etc. who still lives in the Palouse country of the Pacific NW. He has not received much notice with his prose . . . but as his avatar, I hope that he keeps plugging along.

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