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The never ending struggle of the “Haves” vs. “Have-nots” goes on.  Unfortunately the “Haves” are in the governing position, so they have the ability to make the laws that govern us all.  All I can do right now is be a squeaking wheel and hope that I get greased or drive them insane so they make a mistake.  I sent the following e-mail to my state representatives a month or so ago.


Sept. 18, 2018

I just want to be sure that my representatives for Idaho know that I consider anyone who votes for the repeal and replacement of the ACA to be in criminal collusion with an attack by the Russian Federation on our country. Those who are not actively responding to this attack and are attempting to push a divisive agenda should be brought up on criminal charges. This is not government as usual.


This is the response from one of my representatives:

Simpson Redacted oct102017

Simpson Redacted oct102017 (2)


This is my response to that letter from Simpson:

In 2010 it was a compromise with factions in the GOP which allowed the ACA to pass. It was these compromises that were installed by the GOP to help it fail. They could have spent the time fixing the problems in the ACA. Instead they obstructed any attempt to make health care better. Once the GOP controlled Congress they encouraged that decline. They allowed it to rise in cost and insurance companies to limit choices. Most likely it is a result of the for-profit medical system and the lobby monies going into political pockets to get more money out of consumers. The GOP sabotaged the program without any bipartisan attempt to make a single payer program.

Trump has done his part by sabotaging with executive order. He says it is the first step in reversing the course of failure. The first step is having a single payer system in bill form with a budget to cover it. They need to figure that “budget constraint” first before going off half-cocked.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did not find lower costs, it found higher and fewer people covered. The 130 billion to state funds has not been addressed by “budget reconciliation” and when the GOP finds it would increase the deficit, they would sabotage the new system in the name of fiscal responsibility. They would leave the states to fend for themselves. There is a lot of faith that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will work on a state level, but states have budget constraints that do not exist on a federal level.  States will cut services that a federal mandate legally would not allow, especially in the poorer states.

He is correct that our health care is at a crossroads. But he shies away from a responsible single payer system because he and the GOP are not willing to work for it. They are in the pay of for-profit-medicine contributors. He talks about Veterans Health and the problems in care, but he and Congress have done nothing to fix Veteran health care and they have known about it for years. He and Congress are responsible for their own failures.

Increased competion is right up there with supply side economics. It is built on a corporate fantasy that has no relevance to the general population. The trickle down theory only works with garbage.

The McCarran-Ferguson Act is there for a reason. Corporate monopoly is part of the wealth inequality in the world. By supporting its removal, the GOP supports Kleptocracy and keeping wealth in the hands of the few, like repealing the inheritance tax.

The Small Business Health Fairness Act (SBHTA) would help with health insurance and might save 50 billion dollars that the Congressional Budget Office  (CBO) mentions. But the rider of capping 250,000 dollars in tort liability and percentage of contingency fees for lawyers is just protection for big business and should have nothing to do with the SBHFA.

In his attempt to sound like this is government as usual, he is ignoring the Russian attack to spread chaos in the nation. He is willing to sit idly by in the investigation into the Russian attack to pass legislation benefiting the people the attack supported, the GOP and the wealthy, while fermenting derision in the less fortunate in America.

This letter is basically an “I know what I am doing and it is for your own good” response. I fully intend to stay engaged with this problem until he and his ilk are out of office and the world is getting better.


So the fight goes on, Donald Trump rode into the executive office of President on the backs of these people who continue to use the less fortunate to support their lavish lifestyles generation after generation.  We have about thirteen months until we can kick the Congressional support mechanism out from under the Republican party to slow the process, but the battle between the “Haves” and the “Have-nots” will go on as long as the human species exists.

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