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I have been distracted of late, the past and present collide to make the future, and the propaganda war swirls around us all, even those who are not in the trenches. The physical responsibilities happen during a retrograde Mercury whether or not you are ready, so I plod along fighting off the gray of winter which has not even really settled in.  In a world of illusion and desire priorities shift as the battle lines are constantly shifted to and fro.


I would much rather be writing about treasure hunting, sorcery, or long walks into the hills on the boarder of reality. Since the oligarchs have weaponized the web for their own twisted purposes, it behooves us all to pay attention.  Trump and the hidden hogs are firmly at the trough and each of us must keep on our toes at the quantum level as well as in the macroverse.   We are all doing what we can.


So in keeping with my civic duties, my whole being rebels against civic duties, I have again emailed my representatives just to say I did. They are all GOP members, and at least one of them may have been part of the great conspiracy in this oligarch attack on making a better humanity.  All four of them are guilty of aiding and abetting after the fact, if not actual obstruction of justice.  If any of them were actually part of the conspiracy, time and justice will find them.  They all may just be war profiteers.


Back in my anti-draft registration protests, it was said that politicians take one letter as a representation of one-thousand constituents. I was too young to have theories of politics in my anti-war (Vietnam) protest days. But I have kept that thought in my mind even if it is not true.  Now that we have email, I just updated my belief system to insert that in place of a letter.  I am covering my bases and hoping for a peaceful transition of power.  There are pluses (Moore lost) and minuses (McConnell is threatening to not install Jones in the Senate until after they ram through their oligarch perquisite).  I really am too old and lazy for this stuff.

Anyway, here are the four emails I sent yesterday. There is a theme.



I was very disappointed in your vote on the tax bill, what was it, the week before last? It was not a great surprise.   It is a good thing that you are coming up for reelection in 2020 as it will give the working poor in Idaho a chance to see their taxes go up in the spring of 2019.  By then I suppose you will have taken your lobbyist’s moneys and run.  The oligarchs will have a firm control over our country by then.

I suppose you will be supporting the FCC in their voting against net neutrality as well. It will be one more strangle-hold on the people of Idaho.



I see you have been doing your best to raise taxes on the working poor in Idaho. Very disappointed in your support for the GOP push for tax reform.  You have one more chance to vote against the bills that have been bounced back to the House.  But given your record, you support the oligarchs and have taken their lobbying moneys.  You are wise enough to get out of Congress next year, but your voting is against the working people of Idaho so will not be supporting your run for governor.

I suppose you will be supporting the FCC vote on destroying net-neutrality. That will just be one more stranglehold on the people of Idaho.



I was very disappointed in your vote on the tax bill, what was it? The week before last.  It was not unexpected.  You come up for reelection in 2020, so the people of Idaho will get a chance to watch their taxes go up in the spring of 2019, at least the working poor’s will.  You will probably have taken your money and run by then.  You appear to be in the pay of the oligarchs as there are rumors some of the GOP funding that went to you came out of their pockets.

I assume you are in favor of the FCC planning to killing net neutrality as well. It will just be another strangle hold on the people of Idaho for profit.



I am very disappointed in your support of the Tax Bill, but you have one more chance now that it is back in the House to vote for the working poor of Idaho. I expect you will still be voting with the oligarchs and when you come up for reelection next year, the people of Idaho will not see their taxes go up until the spring of 2019 so you will be able to pretend you did not hurt them.  You would be smart to take you moneys and run before then.  You are either by design or by ignorance supporting a conspiracy against the United States and will eventually come to the attention of the people investigating and prosecuting this Russian oligarch attack on your country.

I assume you are supporting the FCC vote to destroy net-neutrality. That is just one more strangle-hold on the people of Idaho.  You would be wise to not support it.

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