Politics, Again!



A New Type of Shore Bird (at least to me)


You can learn a lot if you pay attention, Yogi Berra, the baseball coach is suppose to have said that.  I have avoided paying attention to politics for years.  Now I am paying attention again.  My brain hurts.

This is an interesting example of political posturing and the smokescreen of caring about what constituents think. Senator Risch is not paying attention to anything but his own judgement as far as the Russian interference attack is concerned. These three letters are all the same over a good six months of time in which just by casual observation a person can see motive, means, and opportunity of a crime. There are rumors that some foreign moneys turned up in his campaign, not much, but some. McConnell is rumored to have taken a much large amount. I imagine most of Risch’s moneys come from lobbyists, and he is paying much more attention to the tax cuts for them right now than to his work in the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Save for the dates, these letters are identical. Illusion much? He has certainly moved up on my list of people in a criminal conspiracy against the of the US. He will have to face the tough questions when he eventually faces the counter intelligence investigation. The thing that most of the people involved in this conspiracy are wrong about is that this will go away like all corruption ever has. This is a totally new beast in the history of the US, and we as a people have been roused from our stupor. To quote the Dude, “This will not stand, man.”  I am still hoping for that “peaceful transition of power”, but as you can see, the corruption and denial run pretty deep.




Risch Letm12




Risch II Redacted


Risch III Redacted



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