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The Marine Institute in Monterey, CA, I would rather be playing on the rocks as well.


I have been doing my duty and poking at my corrupt representatives.  A couple of weeks back the US Senate voted in a tax bill in the middle of the night.  This was after the House had forwarded their own bill to the Senate.  Both are horrible monsters.  So they were bounced back into a committee in the House to pull out some kind of mutant form with all the horrors still in tact.  That should be available to look at today.  I wonder if they will get this gift to oligarchy on Trump’s desk before his brain melts?

This week has been a back and forth between Congressman Simpson and myself.  I started out with this email:

I am very disappointed in your support of the Tax Bill, but you have one more chance now that it is back in the House to vote for the working poor of Idaho. I expect you will still be voting with the oligarchs and when you come up for reelection next year, the people of Idaho will not see their taxes go up until the spring of 2019 so you will be able to pretend you did not hurt them. You would be smart to take you moneys and run before then. You are either by design or by ignorance supporting a conspiracy against the United States and will eventually come to the attention of the people investigating and prosecuting this Russian oligarch attack on your country.

I assume you are supporting the FCC vote to destroy net-neutrality. That is just one more strangle-hold on the people of Idaho. You would be wise to not support it.


Then came this response from an earlier plea to not vote for the feed the rich on the backs of the working poor:

Simpson Taxes

Simpson Taxes II



This letter is speaking of the first House draft that was sent to the Senate.  I am sure he is going to vote yes on the mutant bill that just came out of the committee.  I really am not sure if the new bill has to be voted on in the House before goes back to the Senate for a vote.  It has been a very long time since civics class, and I cannot afford to put good legal help on retainer.

So I sent an email this week pleading for him to change his mind.  It ran like this:

Thank you for your response. I can only assume you are referring to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill that was originally passed by the House and sent to the Senate.  What the chimera of a bill that just got out of committee is, I have not had a chance to look.

You truly must be delusional if you think revoking the estate tax is a good idea. Even if you are talking about just the population of Idaho, there cannot be more than a hundred farm families that have estates worth over twelve million dollars to be hit by that tax.  There are over a million people in Idaho and that makes people hit by estate tax statistically insignificant.  You are just contributing to wealth inequality: oligarchy in fact.  You are not in the debt to Russian oligarchs are you?  How about taking money from lobbyists from in and out of state corporations?

I know that 39.6% current rate for high income groups is now 21% in the new form of the bill. So much for the wealthy pulling their weight.  Reinvestment and economic growth was disproved by the Reagan years and the state of Kansas.

I haven’t checked on the new bills doubling of my standard deduction. I imagine that is gone in the new form.  Somebody has to start paying of the deficit that this bill is going to blow out of the water.

I sent you an email earlier this week hoping that you would use this new bill form to vote for the working poor of America, but I can tell that you are just going to tow the party line. A little over eleven months until the American people can start fixing the mess the Russian attack has created with many people in government’s help.


I am waiting for his response.  But I once believed that the House has to vote on bills out of committee again before they go for a Senate vote again.  They may have changed the rules like McConnell is doing by not seating the new Senator from Alabama.

It was Senator Crapo who responded quickly with his disapproval of the FCC’s decision to remove Net-neutrality.  He carefully avoided the tax bill issue.  He is part of the conspiracy after the fact.  I have heard no rumors of him getting Russian moneys like the rumor of Senator Risch.  He probably just gets his moneys from lobbyists.

So I am sure Crapo will be supporting Chuck Schumer’s vote against the FCC decision.  Senator Schumer’s support of moving the capital of Israel just goes to show, nobody is perfect.  All politicians seem to pick up a taint along the way.  I think that is a human failing in government.  We all suffer from cognitive dissonance and should keep up our  psychic wards.








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