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The Big-boy Envelope



Do you suppose that Donald J. Trump even realizes how insulted he was in this picture?  He was just handed a “Yes you are!  Yes you are a big-boy!” envelope for all the world to see.  What a colossal jack-ass!

Samantha Bee



Another hero of the revolution, Kathy Griffin was raked over the coals for holding up a fake Trump head dripping with fake blood (he now has lots of real blood on his hands). Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt” for not pushing against her father’s terrible immigration policies. Both of these women are high on my good-graces-list (what ever that is) for fighting back against centuries of male aggression and subversion. The scary part about it is the Barbie-dolls on the network news talking about “beyond the pale”. This is the WASP version of a woman so programmed that they will put on a suicide vest under the burka and self-detonate.

Cunt is a good old Anglo-Saxon word, but the term “feckless cunt” clashes. Feckless is sort of brain-dead and waffling. Cunt is much more aggressive. It, I mean the word cunt, is probably correct in Ivanka Trump’s case given her passive aggressive manipulation behavior, but feckless just does not work. I think a better slam on her nature would be Loki’s diss on the Black Widow in The Avengers movie. He called her a “mewling quim” while she was playing him for information. Shocking for a Marvel movie, it means the same thing as feckless cunt though more on the whiny side, but at least the majority of those “beyond the pale” folks would have had to look up the word quim.

I am starting to gather a few more heroes who are real these days. This is good since I once wrote a poem with the line “my heroes all came from comic books.” I need more real people who are doing things against male ignorance and bad behavior through-out human cultural history. I have Traci Lords because she took a bad hand and made the porn industry tremble. Now I have Stormy Daniels who actually had the courage to fess up to letting a stinking rich pig like Trump touch her and having the good sense to hire an adequate attorney. Kathy Griffin is on the list for hanging in against brutal kick back after offering artistic-hope to the resistance of the same stinking rich pig criminal and his evil cabal, and now Samantha Bee for trying to call a spade a spade in a degenerate death dynasty feeding on hate and exploitation of greed as a cure for despair.

My grand-daughter is a fifth generation “Westerner” which might mean something in a weird sort of way. I am old and worn out now, but I thank God (whom so ever She, He, It, or They are) there are people fighting back against those that will attempt to exploit and use her. I hope I get around to teaching her how to shoot before I die.

As the John Wayne character put it in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, “Never apologize, it is a sign of weakness”. We are fighting a cultural-war against economic oppression and ignorance on many levels, but in the beginning of the seventeenth month of being stalled out in the trenches, I am starting to see some walking wounded who will need to step back for some R & R before they head back to the front to continue the battle. Heal up, lick the wounds, and get back on that horse again: please!