Lindsey Graham, Senator for South Carolina



I heard Lindsey Graham being interviewed the other day about the New York Times anonymous resistance opinion editorial pointing out the chaos in the White House. He seemed to go with the stance that it did not effect “his world and the world of South Carolina”. He said something along the line that everybody in his world thought things were going great.

I wish to God he would stay in his world and stay out of mine. I certainly do not want him in my world and I have placed him on my world’s no-fly-list. I have told my Department of State to not issue him a visa. I do not travel to his world, and I would like him to return the favor with mine. I will wait and see if my world will even recognize his world’s passports any more. When does he come up for re-election?

I was wondering also as Florence starts heading into the Carolinas. Is a hurricane considered an act of God in his world, or do they just cover that with flood insurance? See, in my world, they might not cover acts of God so the people in his world would not be expecting a lot of help to cover damages and our government is not looking to expand the deficit by helping with hurricane damage through FEMA, especially in foreign worlds like his.

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