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In All Probability

Trump Father Mother

Trump has parent issues. They were never nice enough to him, and he is taking it out on America.


Midterm Elections 11/6/2018

In all the expectation of finding out if people have learned anything out of this coup d’état of the Republican Party, the FSB, and exploiters of the masses everywhere, I have forgotten an important thing. On Nov. 7th, the Special Counsel and Grand Jury can start bringing charges and arrests back into the public view without worry of stepping on political convention.

And something for exploiters et al to remember from now on, if the masses prove to have learned something, this will not happen again.

The Primrose Path


The President of the United States has finally put a price on a human life. It is one-hundred billion dollars per person.  You can murder anybody you like if you pay a United States industry one-hundred billion dollars.

But you have to hide the body; habeas corpus still works.

Donald J. Trump taints everything.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Trump Gang

Only two presidents of the United States have ever been impeached: Johnson and Clinton. But neither of these men were convicted by the Senate and removed from office. Nixon would probably have been impeached if he had not resigned. It is up in the air as to whether he would have been convicted and removed by the Senate. I believe that the Senate as a whole, no matter what the party split, would not have wanted any more of their dirty laundry aired than had been already. As with the other two men, I do not believe that Nixon would have been removed from office. For some reason the federal government does not want to at least appear to co-opt that national vote. Even when it co-opts the popular vote with the Electoral College the president is there for four years. There seems to be some form of defense mechanism in our government and its offices which does not allow it to face its mistakes, to learn from its flaws. Maybe they want to protect the trade craft of US politics. You could possibly impeach and remove other, lower tier positions, but lower tier public servants know to resign when they are nailed to the wall. They do not want to cause too much loss of faith in the government with the people. They know which side their bread is buttered.

In over two hundred years of high crimes and misdemeanors, let us face it, there have to have been some, no president has ever been removed from office.

Here we are with a president who was actively promoted by a foreign power that does not have the United States best interests at heart. These foreign powers are at odds with the US both economically and politically. There is enough public information available to indicate that the FSB and the GRU attempted to interfere in our election. There is enough public information available to see how they used a disinformation campaign to sway and reinforce the American voter in subtle ways, decreasing loathing here, and increasing loathing there. Just enough to build up an edge. Was it enough to allow Donald J. Trump to take three states Electoral College votes by only about eighty-thousand votes between them? Who can say, but it could not have hurt. And just because there appears to be a pattern in large number theory, it does not mean that it is not just random. A statistical win of .2 to .8 percent in those three states, 2 of which went Democratic in the last couple of elections may just look like a pattern. It was hard enough to lose Florida by 500 votes in 2000 with a Supreme Court decision. Markov chains, what are you going to do?

The Trump Tower meeting between Trump Campaign officials and agents of the Russian government to gain compromising material on their opponent is said to have yielded nothing. The fact that these Russians would not have had to hand over this material, just inform the campaign team that they were going to release this stuff on the web means nothing. Sure, it was stolen material, illegal, but that does not make it a conspiracy even though the campaign aided and abetted a crime after the fact by helping dissemination of this stolen material. And Cambridge Analytica using micro-targeting for the campaign would not hav put stolen state campaign roles from local sources also accessed by the Russians to use. That server in Trump Tower being pinged by a Russian bank was just a coincidence. Obama’s campaign also used micro-targeting and Cambridge Analytica, but nobody has even broached the topic of stolen voter rolls by the GRU in those campaigns.

Where are those promised tax returns from the Trump Organization? He promised. What is he hiding? Is he just afraid of people finding out what a paper billionaire he is? Or are there loans from Deutsche Bank, VEB (3 employees caught up in spy ring, 1 jailed. The director trained by the KGB and taking a meeting with Jared Kushner to discuss loans?), Alfa Bank, all with access to Kremlin moneys. Our own intelligence community channels black funds through off shore accounts to finance their operations off the books. It is just tradecraft. But Trump was a private citizen when he was soaking up these moneys. He seriously could not pass a back-ground check for a security clearance. That is something that a president should have to have done from now on. Given what we are starting to see from the NRA’s donations to the Republican party, washed funds through European accounts and hidden by American donors, he was not the only one taking moneys from out of the country. Qatar and Israel are also popping up on the radar for logistical support in the Trump campaign, even if it is only expertise in social media.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg, easily available to public view. What is in all that redacted briefing materials given to the Congress? What does the grand jury have? What is everybody in the White House, DOJ, CIA, FBI, DOD, DIA, NSA, etc., looking at and not telling us because they do not want to compromise their sources? That “National Security” issue of WMD in Iraq to protect their tradecraft lead us into one quagmire. There never was a proper assessment of risk in invading Afghanistan so the situation remains untenable. We could have taken a higher road that might have prevented the rise of new forms extremists, but hindsight is always best.

The midterms are coming up in just under a month. We will see if the check and balance of Congress can be put back in place to get more information out of our government. If what we are really seeing is an active foreign intrusion into our country, our checks and balances are woefully lax. It is over 2 years since what was going on began to be rumored in the intelligence community. The effects continue to debilitate the nation. This administration is not taking its oath of office seriously. They continue to ignore the general welfare and certainly are not paying attention to domestic tranquility. The blessings of liberty seem to be in the hands of only those who can afford it.

The term “high crimes and misdemeanors” comes from Article 2, section 4 of the US Constitution. What we are seeing here, in our government, is something that has never happened before. A coordinated attack of our electoral process, probably willfully in some cases, and through coercion and bribery in others to undermine America’s standing in the world, to lay open incursion by foreign sources to resources and agendas that are not necessarily good for the general welfare. Congress cannot impeach on the grounds of treason as we are not at war. Bribery is a definite possibility, and criminal fraud, sedition, and violation of the oath of office would fall under those high crimes and misdemeanors. Unless both the House and the Senate are in the hands of somebody other than the Republican party, those who have continued to aid and abet in this intrusion, whether for gain or just ignorance, we will never see the “President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States” removed in one swoop. It is vital right now to prove that the US system of governance works. It is the first time in our lifetime that it must be followed through on to the compete reset no matter what the cost. It those who are true believers who voted for Trump feel cheated, they know who to vote out of office in 2020. But if Trump is still there in that election year, our Constitution, a theoretical living document, is not worth the paper let alone the blood that has been spilled to keep it inked.









Past Crimes


The Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the United States Supreme Court is now a done deal, like poop through a goose, that fast.

One of the responses to people’s trepidations to his getting a seat on the court was that the drunken, sexual assault allegations in high school/college occurred 36 years ago, around 1982.

When do old crimes expire? When are the innate moral stains caused by a person’s nature expunged? Not two months ago, August I believe, a death camp guard from WWII was deported to Germany from the United States. His collaboration took place 76 years ago, and they had to load him on the plane with a stretcher.   The American moral-gauge is odd. It is not based on time except when those who pretend to govern decide to fain outrage. Their outrage is just frustration with not getting their way.

Never mind that Kavanaugh has no grace under pressure. Never mind that he dissembles in his answers to questions. Never mind that his career in law has still left him with a tendency to fumble in a court setting, grasping at ways to follow his own agenda rather than ensure domestic tranquility or pursuing specific welfare over the general. He appears to have been groomed to be a stooge of the military industrial complex, but he is not very good at his job.

It is an interesting synchronicity that Kavanaugh’s assault allegations come from a time when we had our first film actor as president. Reagan also ended his film career on TV hosting “Death Valley Days” well before reality TV became a staple. It was the years of voodoo economics that began seriously to dismantle the middle-class. It was the years that rich got richer and when the Clinton administration helped with deregulation of banks and Wall Street there was no stopping invisible income sliding into off shore accounts all over. Those years were made for Donald J. Trump’s financial juggling.

1982 is also important for another thing. It is the year the US penny became ninety-five percent zinc. All you metal detector fans know the difference between a copper penny and a zinc penny when they come out of the ground. Copper is a more faithful metal, zinc just corrupts. The zinc penny is a much better example of the faux economy that the Reagan years began to develop.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh did his early federal lawyering under the Bush administration. He was there when privatizing the military and the prison system was taking a serious hold. The US legal system and defense system were being devalued from copper to zinc.   And once those things were buried in the ground by the Obama years, they came back corrupted into the hands of a privatized White House. The bad penny Brett Kavanaugh came back too.

Both copper and zinc are in the native elements category of minerals, but I have never seen anybody try to make a zinc mirror or shine a zinc ring up nicely and pretend it is gold. We have been seeing a for profit president pass off zinc people as the best people ever and a huckster of a man try to pass off economic growth as based on real product when it is just a plated zinc penny.


The Mob


According to both Mitch McConnell and Donald J. Trump this week, the people of the United States have become “The Mob”. I am so looking forward to when one of them utters the phrase “Let them eat cake.”

There is a lovely city square in Washington, DC, but they call it “The Mall”.

Almost two years into the usurper’s reign and it is still 28 days until the midterms.  We will not see any new charges or movement from the grand jury until after that.

As St. Augustine is suppose to have said, “The reward for patience is patience.”

I Imagine . . .



. . . the four horsemen of War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death, no matter the color of their mounts, are akin to the points of the pentagram, governed by the Great Spirit so there is no fifth horse of Chaos.

The young do not fully see the elegance of the horsemen yet, perhaps . . .

. . . maybe there is some corollary in the color of their mounts. Too busy putting in those driving skills to muscle memory to instinctively notice the headlights in the rear view mirror growing closer.

Night driving is like that.

As the headlamps draw nearer, growing brighter in the mirror, sometimes they line up into multiple lamps, four maybe. Reaching your hand up to flick the dimmer down to keep from going blind you just concentrate on driving, and hope they pass so the darkness of long night drives becomes peaceful again, empty, and you can flip that dimmer again to see the miles behind.