Past Crimes


The Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the United States Supreme Court is now a done deal, like poop through a goose, that fast.

One of the responses to people’s trepidations to his getting a seat on the court was that the drunken, sexual assault allegations in high school/college occurred 36 years ago, around 1982.

When do old crimes expire? When are the innate moral stains caused by a person’s nature expunged? Not two months ago, August I believe, a death camp guard from WWII was deported to Germany from the United States. His collaboration took place 76 years ago, and they had to load him on the plane with a stretcher.   The American moral-gauge is odd. It is not based on time except when those who pretend to govern decide to fain outrage. Their outrage is just frustration with not getting their way.

Never mind that Kavanaugh has no grace under pressure. Never mind that he dissembles in his answers to questions. Never mind that his career in law has still left him with a tendency to fumble in a court setting, grasping at ways to follow his own agenda rather than ensure domestic tranquility or pursuing specific welfare over the general. He appears to have been groomed to be a stooge of the military industrial complex, but he is not very good at his job.

It is an interesting synchronicity that Kavanaugh’s assault allegations come from a time when we had our first film actor as president. Reagan also ended his film career on TV hosting “Death Valley Days” well before reality TV became a staple. It was the years of voodoo economics that began seriously to dismantle the middle-class. It was the years that rich got richer and when the Clinton administration helped with deregulation of banks and Wall Street there was no stopping invisible income sliding into off shore accounts all over. Those years were made for Donald J. Trump’s financial juggling.

1982 is also important for another thing. It is the year the US penny became ninety-five percent zinc. All you metal detector fans know the difference between a copper penny and a zinc penny when they come out of the ground. Copper is a more faithful metal, zinc just corrupts. The zinc penny is a much better example of the faux economy that the Reagan years began to develop.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh did his early federal lawyering under the Bush administration. He was there when privatizing the military and the prison system was taking a serious hold. The US legal system and defense system were being devalued from copper to zinc.   And once those things were buried in the ground by the Obama years, they came back corrupted into the hands of a privatized White House. The bad penny Brett Kavanaugh came back too.

Both copper and zinc are in the native elements category of minerals, but I have never seen anybody try to make a zinc mirror or shine a zinc ring up nicely and pretend it is gold. We have been seeing a for profit president pass off zinc people as the best people ever and a huckster of a man try to pass off economic growth as based on real product when it is just a plated zinc penny.


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