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Mitt Romney

mitt romney


One thing you must remember about Mitt Romney is that for all his protests about the moral failures of Donald J. Trump that he recognizes, he is willing to support “The Wall”.  That means that inside Mitt Romney, there is a bit of Donald J. Trump.  If I had to venture a literary analogy, it would be Dorian Gray.  It would be interesting to see the painting that Romney has hidden away.

Ronnie Revisited, Berlin 1987


Mr. Gorbachev, build that wall, and we are going to pay for it.  We need a big beautiful wall.  We cannot have border security without a wall.  The Soviets are not sending their best.  They’re sending spies.  They’re sending agent provocateurs.  They’re sending criminals.  They’re sending socialists.  They are digging tunnels, climbing over the wire.  They are coming to take away the safety of our loved ones.  Mars needs women!  Our brave soldiers are detaining and turning back thousands of American haters every day, but they cannot do their job with just the wall they have now, a fence really.  The Democrats are responsible; they want the socialists taking our women and land.  They are not like the Saudis; I love the Saudis.  They are buying up land around my ranch in California, giving me millions of dollars for it.  Not like that dirty human trafficking money coming under the current wall, going into German banks which I have not gotten a piece of yet.  It will help us pay for the wall because once that big beautiful wall is up, the tunnels under it will get bigger and better and more illegal moneys will flow through them into America’s pockets to offset the new tax breaks for the wealthy and they can build up offshore bases to hide their tax-free moneys.  Just wait for the Clinton years and banking deregulation.  Selling off failing loans to buy more failing loans until the house of cards falls and oligarchs everywhere walk away scot-free.  The oligarchs will have the best people, the best lawyers to stall the legal process until they only wind up with a minimal fine that won’t even put a dent in their profits.  The IRS won’t even prosecute people who litigate because they can’t afford it on a government budget.  Yes Mr. Gorbachev, build that wall!



I was thinking about dendrites one day, and the area in which I live.  For some reason I had charcoal in hand and access to paper.





One day, when I was puzzling over old photos from Buffalo Eddy, trying to read them; I broke out the charcoal and started breaking them down into their components.

I am still trying to learn how to read them.




The Sketch Pad






I am not an artist, and I do not play one on TV, but I have had a sketch board and pad around the house since my daughter was a child.  It has moved out of the corner now that there is a grandchild and the cheap newsprint for sketches is almost out.  I am going to have to get another one.  As the grandchild gets bigger, we will see how her talents lean.  I hope that my daughter can get back to her own drawing when the crazy first years of child rearing get behind her.

When I pulled off the old layers to clear off the pad, I found a few interesting things.  Those lost nights from long ago when you wind up three sheets to the wind on one thing or another and the pair of you just doodle to fight off the darkness.

This one is a caricature of me is an accurate one I think of the time.   I really cannot think of who drew it, yet I have my suspicions.  Perhaps it will come to me in a dream.

Cloud (the early years: before 1972)

The cloud is a minor thing;

it floats lightly through the sky,

but when they’re grouped together

the open is not place to hide.