In bed at night, isolated from the daily chores, a vehicle passes casting light across the wall, across the ceiling, to the next wall.

At night, as during the day, light creates shadows.  A sun-dial tells time as the Earth rotates its way around the star.  Sometimes the entities moving in the dark carry something that catches some faint trace of ambient light, and as the motion carries it on its course, a reflection, a fairy light, a sun-dog moves across the face of the darkness.  It highlights the movements of something in the dark.

Mostly that auto, those creatures, have nothing to do with you.  Mostly.


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About johnsmithiiimxiii

John Smith, IIMXIII is the avatar of an award winning poet, artist, etc. who still lives in the Palouse country of the Pacific NW. He has not received much notice with his prose . . . but as his avatar, I hope that he keeps plugging along.

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