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Sci-Fi Platypuses



The planet is past due for an android strike.

The fossil record on gill-men tells me so.

Kronos was an accumulator even the one

who ate his children.

But we will probably need something

more than platitudes.

The world needs something more

like Gort.  He, however was a robot.





We will never be Socialists because we are Americans, and too much creatures of comfort and far too violent.  But that does not mean we cannot be better people and a better nation.

Retirement Ritual

Young Barn Owl

Something From The Cardboard Route


It is weird being retired; it has only been two weeks now.  If you count being in school, that works out to be about 46 years of society to educate and regiment.  The math on that works out to 19 years that I have lived a life outside of society’s hands.  Authors, poets, artists, sorcerers are a dime a dozen in this world.  I have been called those things and more.  It was not me who called me these things, although I went out to try those names on and a whole lot more.  Everybody needs a job when you are just one of that dime.  You need to get money into those accounts somehow or you cannot write the checks, pay the credit card bill, or scrape up the cash for the next beer while listening in to the gossip circuit of some establishment or another.

Now that I am retired, I am a hobbyist.  Sorcery, poems, commentary, and art are my hobbies.  Whatever I do on the side is just a hobby.  If I cannot earn the pittance I need to pay the rent now then I am no good at my hobbies.

I have never been good at the sales, agenting, or publishing parts of my hobbies.  I was read a strange version of Aesop’s grasshopper & ant fable.  The grasshopper was saved by the ants at the end.  The real world just does not seem to work like that.  Not on command anyway.  Usually when you command that kind of behavior, it leads to the criminal.

I have been learning about the magical box of digital enhancement ever since libraries starting to develop online catalogs.  It has been interesting trying to keep my hand in after years of just picking up the garbage.

Someday I am going to be able to hire an I.T. person to manage the stabs in the dark of staggering about as an aging infant.

The lunge and riposte so far: Facebook JohnSmithiimxiii : :  atotasolidwaste.wordpress.  I believe there is even a Twitter account now under JohnSmithiimxiii.  Maybe I can even figure out how to embed links to a post.

My next lunge will be Amazon self-publishing and getting poetry back into literary magazines.  I have not had anything in print since 2000.  Strange.  Then I was kind of prideful about my name being attached to the work.  Now I just want the work to stand up on its own.  That is why I made an avatar.

The great spider that is the universe needs to start knitting the structures together.  Retirement is weird.

The Illusion Dynasty

Bubba Ho Tep

Bubba Ho Tep


Donald J. Trump is a bubba, a well off bubba, but a bubba nonetheless.  But he is no where near a Ho Tep.  His pedigree is too short.