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Creating a War

I believe a case can be made that a President, Congress, or person or corporation that is part of our Military Industrial Complex which goes out of its way to start a war, could be liable for making an enemy with forethought of action and would be guilty of treason.  All our judicial system would need is two witnesses and proving intent.

U.S. Constitution, Article III, Sec. 3

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Once that war is started, treason is on the table.  The soldiers and the families of those soldiers who die defending our Constitution deserve that much justice.  Those that start those wars, deserve that much justice as well.  Perhaps they would look more deeply at their motives if they had that charge hanging over their head.

There are real nations that are enemies to United States Constitution .  They have their own malicious intent.  They will declare war against us on their own.   Once someone in our nation creates an enemy of another nation on purpose to cause them to declare war, when there were other ways to subvert their malice, they have provided aid and comfort to that enemy.   They have made that enemy there by providing aid and comfort.  Their mistakes in diplomacy should not be paid for by the blood of the people they represent.

With great power, comes a greater form of punishment

I am not totally sure this is a valid concept, but in the pursuit a better humanity, it might be worth thinking over.




All Donald J. Trump had to do when he took office was shut up, not tweet, and be a an annoyingly bad example of a President of the U.S. like all the others have been in my 47 years of being a registered voter.  I was able to try and ignore the bad behavior of all the other ones.  But no, he had to be so bad that I have to pay attention from now on.  I will never forgive him or the people who made him.  Maybe I should thank them.  I now have another serious hobby in my retirement, something to do until the day I die.  In the spirit of Christmas Eve, I have a list and will be checking it over and over again.

Everybody Lies

Ask all the questions you want, but when you fall back into the pit of error, try to remember there was a way to crawl out of it in the first place.  Do not listen to me, I am a fool.  The things that have been least important to mankind have been swept out of their homes, and I have been paid to pick them up.  I am standing, one step away from the cliff with a dog nipping at my heals.

The waste has become me, and I have become the waste.  Will I be able to reach the heights to shine a lantern for those attempting the climb?  Some days, I doubt it.

The greatest lies of all time sit within me.  They do not have much use except for that nobody wants them anymore.  What humanity has never wanted is where you find the true worth.  They have wanted so much.  Sometimes that oppresses me.

The Third Eye

Opening the third eye does not chop the wood or carry the water.  It will tell you if you should bother.


Once upon a time I wrote a proverb.

“Love is just lust misspelled.”

Life was simpler back then.  Love may be more like this:

Love is duty.  I try and do my duty.  He said doody. Snicker, snicker!


According to the White House, Donald J. Trump’s verbal assaults on Greta Thunberg are OK because she is an “activist”.  I just looked up the definition of activist, one who campaigns for political or social change.  I now declare Donald J. Trump an activist.  He is one who campaigns for political or social change.  Hence forth, all verbal attacks on Donald J. Trump are fair game.  Given that he has removed the net for norm, let’s get really nasty, shall we?


Corporate Entanglements

The GOP does not want its dirty laundry exposed in a Senate trail anymore than the Democrats do. They will protect themselves from exposure of their corporate entanglements. We need HR 1 passed in the Senate.



There is above the line.

There is below the line.

There is across the line,

standing straight or leaning.

The diphthongs ignore the line.

Class Notes

I am a very poor student, but I have been a student for a very long time.  I think probably since the middle of the seventies.  Now that I am a retired neophyte sorcerer, I have time to go through all those notes and magical diaries at my leisure and figure out if I have actually learned anything.

This quote was from a book I was reading during my research.

“Three people that are hardest to talk to: A king bent on conquest, a Viking in his armor, and a low-born man protected by patronage.” p. 36

Matthews, Caitlin, The Celtic Book of Days, Rochester, Vermont, Destiny Books, c1995.

This seems to be appropriate in our current struggles with megalomaniacs around the world.  It is particularly salient to the information warfare techniques that have blossomed with social media.  Too much information is causing knee jerk reactions in people without sinking in so that it can trigger thought.  As an American, I am a low-born man protected by patronage.  But somehow along the line I grew very leery of the cult of personality.  My patrons so to speak.  I learned a healthy distrust of my government, no matter which party is in office.  Whatever those currently in power are doing, I am sure it is not out of the goodness of their hearts.  When they say they are, they are at best misguided.  They are the kings bent on conquest and the Vikings in their armor.  Kings do not let facts get in the way when conquering, and warriors in their armor are a hair’s breadth from going berserk.

We have learned more about how the brain works over the last half a century.  I should say we have learned more about how the brain does not work.  The concepts of gestalts is more valid than ids, right and left brained people is no longer a thing, and there seems to be a lot to look at in cognitive dissonance.   Learning fact from fiction still rests upon each individual.  Liars will tell us lies with the same conviction that people who are speaking truth., sometimes with even more conviction.

Being a retired neophyte sorcerer, I can work on getting terms like kings, warriors, and low-born men translated into new-speak.  They all might just be obstinate lunkheads, or perhaps they are just arrested in their development.  I do not have enough street in me to get far.  The closest I can come is “sometimes and asshole is just an asshole”, and “you can tell the bad guys because they are shooting at you.”

Perhaps since we are a social animal, evolution will teach the next generation how to communicate better and maybe their hearing will improve.   The annoying truth is that when people are happy doing what they are doing, even if it is bad, they will rarely listen.  Unpleasantness just seems to peruse in trying to stop them.









You Are What You Eat

If you hang around with assholes, you become an asshole.  Or, you stop hanging around with assholes.