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I am a very poor student, but I have been a student for a very long time.  I think probably since the middle of the seventies.  Now that I am a retired neophyte sorcerer, I have time to go through all those notes and magical diaries at my leisure and figure out if I have actually learned anything.

This quote was from a book I was reading during my research.

“Three people that are hardest to talk to: A king bent on conquest, a Viking in his armor, and a low-born man protected by patronage.” p. 36

Matthews, Caitlin, The Celtic Book of Days, Rochester, Vermont, Destiny Books, c1995.

This seems to be appropriate in our current struggles with megalomaniacs around the world.  It is particularly salient to the information warfare techniques that have blossomed with social media.  Too much information is causing knee jerk reactions in people without sinking in so that it can trigger thought.  As an American, I am a low-born man protected by patronage.  But somehow along the line I grew very leery of the cult of personality.  My patrons so to speak.  I learned a healthy distrust of my government, no matter which party is in office.  Whatever those currently in power are doing, I am sure it is not out of the goodness of their hearts.  When they say they are, they are at best misguided.  They are the kings bent on conquest and the Vikings in their armor.  Kings do not let facts get in the way when conquering, and warriors in their armor are a hair’s breadth from going berserk.

We have learned more about how the brain works over the last half a century.  I should say we have learned more about how the brain does not work.  The concepts of gestalts is more valid than ids, right and left brained people is no longer a thing, and there seems to be a lot to look at in cognitive dissonance.   Learning fact from fiction still rests upon each individual.  Liars will tell us lies with the same conviction that people who are speaking truth., sometimes with even more conviction.

Being a retired neophyte sorcerer, I can work on getting terms like kings, warriors, and low-born men translated into new-speak.  They all might just be obstinate lunkheads, or perhaps they are just arrested in their development.  I do not have enough street in me to get far.  The closest I can come is “sometimes and asshole is just an asshole”, and “you can tell the bad guys because they are shooting at you.”

Perhaps since we are a social animal, evolution will teach the next generation how to communicate better and maybe their hearing will improve.   The annoying truth is that when people are happy doing what they are doing, even if it is bad, they will rarely listen.  Unpleasantness just seems to peruse in trying to stop them.









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