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The Natural Law


There are only four Horsemen.

They are governed by Spirit;

it is not easy to get them

wrong, unless the spirit is weak.

This one’s rider isn’t War.

His name is Pestilence.

The Test of Time

If you have patience, a false gem will always reveal itself.  It does not hold up to the forces of reality.

Notice the chipping around the facets.  We know that this is probably glass as it suffered from erosion.  It is not very high on the Mohs scale.

DSCN1434 (2)


The Six Rayed Star

“Before me flames the pentagram, behind me shines the six rayed star.”  The lesser ritual of the pentagram


7-7mm 2-15cts 6 ray star



Treasure Hunting Season



It is almost spring.  Time to start working my way back out into the hills soon.  When you have been looking for a long time, the shelves are likely to start getting cluttered.  Now that I am retired from my day job, I can start trying to off load as I search for more.

This is a 12.5 ct 12 mm cabochon with garnet sand and rough stones on a light box.  There is actually a faint 4 ray star in this example of almandine garnet from the Emerald Creek region of N. Idaho.

As above, so below.


Blood Moon.