Spring Break





This is decal somebody gave me along the way, another artifact from the past.  It probably came off some dusty shelf that had not been cleaned in 50 years, underneath an ancient cash register that had not made a cha-ching sound in quite some time.  There is always a shelf like that.   I do not have to go into what this decal was trying to sell.  It is obvious, every flower does it.  With this decal a person just needs to transpose cash with pollen to see what Florida was pushing.

There are the biological imperatives we are born with, and there is the programing we get along the way.  I am retired now, but I spent 40 years working around universities.  Spring Break is pretty much punched into my brain.  But this is an odd year given Covid-19 and a confluence of events.  No job regime picking up garbage for 40 hours a week, free flow of imagination, and history lets me nail together a train of thought much more easily.

Something popped up on the web about Fort Lauderdale and the partying last month.  There was even some concern as students booked the cheap flights because nobody was traveling due to the shelter at home advisories.  So now some of them are dead, some of them have been sick, and some of them have just spread it around.

It has been many years since I watched “Where the Boys Are”.  It was a 1960 film about spring break in Fort Lauderdale.  If I remember correctly, the big horror was pregnancy and not being a “nice” girl.  The boys were just trying to work out the difference between being animals and adults.  I cannot remember if they ever figured out that there was no difference or not.  The breeding rituals and taboos of hominids are so weird, and the worst of it is, we think we know what we are doing.

In espionage there is an operation called the “honeypot”.   It probably has something to do with bears and honey, but every flower does the same sort of thing biologically.  In espionage a flower is looking for intelligence information.   It is a kind of booby-trap designed to look like one thing and blow your leg off with another.

Spring break can be looked at as a booby-trap.  It is based on a spawning urge that is in all living creatures, but as the decal indicates, it has a luster that can be used for more than offspring.  It is the “hurry, hurry, come see one and all, see the beautiful girls, thrill to the monster!” of the carnival barker.  When the AIDS virus hit us, that took away a lot of the glitter from the 1960s being sold to us by “Where the Boys Are”.  Back then we had a drug that worked, penicillin.

AIDS did not threaten our economy, because all we had to do was try and control our sex drive.  Society has been trying to do that since it has been society.  That is a time-honored tradition like using food as a bargaining chip to gain cash, not that you can eat cash.  Corvid 19 has exposed a much more insidious booby-trap or honeypot.  It has exposed that what we call the economy is much more than just cash for goods.  It has shown just how dark the glass is when we try and decide what we think we need and what we think we want.   It has shown us that people are willing to lend you money, so that you do not never have to figure that out.   I think that is because if a person does, that is one less person who will be there to serve those who believe they have what they want, without needing to worry about what they need.




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John Smith, IIMXIII is the avatar of an award winning poet, artist, etc. who still lives in the Palouse country of the Pacific NW. He has not received much notice with his prose . . . but as his avatar, I hope that he keeps plugging along.

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