Archive | May 2020

Dying Barns




Past red paint and hex sign

there is grey lumber weathered,

and a swaybacked roof.  There is one more

dying storage structure.


They should have fixed the roof

the child points out, and they are right!

The background of time rotates harvest

stubble blond etched in pattern of abuse

back to vibrant green shoots of spring crop.


It is where old barns go to die.

It is the myth of the ancient elephant

burying ground.


Old storage structures do not have daws,

ravens picking at them because

they ate the flesh from their bones

years ago.


Part of a person thinks of them

as a post harvest problem from doing

that for a living.  From the garbage collector

in a body, if you wait long enough, you will

not have to pick that up.


Either somebody will be able to make a ringgit

on the side or nature will just eat it.


The Dog of Government

If you let the dog of government off of its leash, it will eventually poop in everybody’s yard.