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Letter to The Editor


Dear Editor;

I have lived in this town for a half century now, ever since I came here from my time overseas.  It was a quiet little town with lots of atmosphere that I felt safe in.  Lots old buildings that used to be somebodies’ farms on the edge that abutted the wheat fields and wetlands before the pine forest took over at the edge of the foothills.

There is this one old place in particular that was painted white near the end of Monroe St.  You know the place, the one with the Tuscan order pillars and the neoclassical front.  It gets kind of swampy on that side of town with the runoff.  It was just a party house for years that the college kids rented.

I know you cannot hold back progress and all, but that place has become nothing but a crack house and God knows what crimes are going on out there at all hours of the day.  They might has well have a neon sign that says hide out here on top of it.  The ruckus is starting to keep me up at night.

It is about time for the sheriff to clean that place out so we can get back to an acceptable level of shenanigans in the shadows like normal.



A Concerned Citizen




The Train


It was in black and white, but I remember it as in color.

Paintings in the past colored by different eyes cast shadow

and light from a divergent angle

with eyes that blurred impression or

sharpened to realism.

The iron-road spiked

on to wooden rails is just

a track some surveyor laid out

and some engineer envisioned.

Claude, Pierre, Paul, and Henri engineered

with oil, and canvas tracks

the joy and suffering the Pullman

car can only carry.




Golden Topaz

I think the beginnings of my fascination with gems goes back to all that pulp fiction I read about lost cities filled with treasure. Maybe it is just the thought that the right gem stone could provide passive income for the rest of my days as well as my children’s children.

DSCN1414 (2)

Almandine Garnet?

Almandine Garnet?

Garnet Almindine 1-5cts (2)

Fridge Magic, Pentagrams

Fridge Magic, Pentagrams



Fridge Magic, Petroglyphs

Fridge Magic, Petroglyphs


Fridge Magic, Selena

Fridge Magic, Selena


Fridge Magic


There are Kerr and Ball canning jars with zinc lids catching the light on shelves by the window.  They are better than old tin cans as I can see what is inside them when projects strike my fancy.  Several of them are filled with ocean smoothed basalt ovals and circles that I picked up for art projects decades ago.  I used them in painting shapes for visualization in some of my magical lessons, some were for Rune sets, some for Enochian letters from an edition of John Dee’s magical works, some from sigils taken from a knock off copy of the Necronomicon, etc.

If you ever have seen beach glass shaped by the wave and tidal motions at the shore, you know that sand smooths most things through time.  I learned that different distances from top to bottom where the waves fall shape similar objects into similar forms and sizes.  I could gather whole Rune sets like I was pulling balls of cotton from a bag.  They had only minor variations.

They were on my table at flea markets for years, but my attendance of flea markets became less and less, and if they ever come again, I needed to upgrade to something beyond the magical student or person in need of a charm or talisman.  Not many of my sidelines ever do very well, that is why there are so many of them.  The modern world has refrigerator magnets.  Rock and magnet make a teaching tool for a kitchen while anybody can be pulling things out to make a sandwich.

They can go on the side of some old metal footlockers I have for display at camp sites when I am out looking for treasure, or spy a flea market, or other stop for a roadside attraction when I am on future journeys.




Sometime in my life, I began to feel that the world was getting more crowded.  I spent too much time working in libraries for a living.  I suppose it is like working as a custodian and having a messy house.  I became less likely to do research.

Now that we have the magic box, statistics are easy.  Coming up with numbers is easy.  Verifying suspicions is easy.

When I was born, there were 2.5 billion people on the planet.  The population is about to hit 8 billion.  I was justified in feeling that the world is crowded.

Prosperity Gospel

There is a dark cloud around every silver lining.