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Tax Reform


When you use workers in your business, corporation, charity, theater, or temple and the worker and you are using the national/societal/natural infrastructure to make a profit, your business, corporation, charity, theater, or temple do not get to use tax breaks, shell corporations, trusts, off shore accounts to avoid responsibility to the tax structure any more than the worker gets to avoid those responsibilities.  What that means is that from now on, we are going to have to figure out how to make that happen so that we can support a national/societal/natural infrastructure’s survival and, therefore, our own.



I do not know if I will get justice for all the stress that has been added to my life over the last four years, but come Jan. 21, 2021 after the Presidential inauguration, I will except revenge.  I am looking forward to when the members of the Trump Conspiracy start complaining that they never investigated or prosecuted their political enemies.  This is how dictatorships work.

They did investigate their political enemies; they just could not make any of the charges stick.



The Fetus Feels


I am so proud of my brave Mommy.  She used her right of self-defense and stopped the pain and fear I was feeling.  The spirit of Nietzsche is with me on the astral plane, and he is right that the best thing is not to be born.

We will meet again soon; I love you.  I remember what you taught me, that the gnat gnew the gnome was quick.



It has been said numbers do not lie.  On Nov. 4, 2020 we should know if less than 60,000,000 people voted for Donald J. Trump.  Then there is hope for the human animal.  The next numbers of importance will be how many people will follow their Liar-and-Thief into exile?

History can lie.  Who will be the rebels?  Which side will dress in blue, and which side will be grey?  Which side will claim aggression, which conservation?

Good Deeds

If you are going to do evil, it is best to disguise it as good.

Free Will

Ian had a game he played between himself, his guardian angel, and demons.  The demons and his guardian angel all knew that he existed.  He was not so sure about them.  All of them tried to avoid each other so he could exercise his belief in free will.

They spent decades trying to not bump into each other, or when they did, they pretended not to be who they were.



My birthday is coming up.  I will turn 66 years old.  I was looking on the calendar to find the next payday, and it turned out to be that date.  I took me a moment to realize there was something else about that date.  I am getting better with the me-centric universe: maybe.

This phase of a person’s year is a time of reflection.  It is a time to look at what a body can do about correction, and what a body has going on until the next one.  I decided I do not know the stars and location of the constellation Leo; I am not even able to pick it out in the sky.  That is simply wrong.  I am going to fix that.

Last night I went outside to poke at that problem.  The stars on Ursa Major pointing to the spot where the correct stars should be was behind the tree line.  I need to get higher and away from town.

No time is truly wasted.  It was less than 48 hours to the full moon.  If the moon was a bull’s head, a Texas Longhorn,  Jupiter and Saturn would have been the tips of its horns.

Barn Owls


What were barn owls called before there were barns?  I believe they were called monkey faced owls.  What were monkey faced owls called before people knew about monkeys?


I like to think of myself as a comfortable anarchist.  Please do not make me uncomfortable, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.




Transmission of Information

Straw 2




Our educational system sucks, people still buy “As seen on TV”. That phrase needs to be changed to “As seen on LCD”. Simple rules, check the byline and publication source, learn to read between the lines, then figure out why something is being published. Also ask yourself why what you are seeing is pissing you off, turning you on, or making you happy or sad? It will help you to understand yourself.