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First Quarter

First Quarter


Just after first quarter,

the winter wheat is coming

off the ground.

Eyes burn from the dust

in the air.

But the heat releases

her grip at night.

The morning is down right


The Wisdom of Age

Blossom Face

The Face in Spring Blossoms


Old people can be suckered as easily as young people.  The difference is the hormones that tell us to go out and mingle have receded some.


from Some Notes on 21st Century Sorcery


I always support the authorities, you know, until they try and get me killed.

73 Sept. 75

Mystery Men


Great movie, if you like a good comic book, “Better put on some pants if you are going to continue fighting evil today.”

You know how I know that good fighting evil is a lifelong occupation?  There are too many people out there fighting evil who are doddering idiots.  Nobody could have lived that long without something keeping them alive.

You know how I know that evil is a real thing?  There are too many evil doddering idiots with their ass hanging out for all the world to see.   Nobody could be that fucking stupid and still alive without some form of demon propping them up.

Heroes and villains, you really do have to like a good comic book.  If you live long enough, reality just turns into one hard slog.

Wanted Cards


The next best thing to standing out in front of a sheriff’s office and tearing off a wanted poster would be soldiering when they give you a deck of wanted cards to play poker with when in the barracks or out in the field. Know the people who are trying to kill you.  I wondered if anybody had put one out for the Trump Cabal.


Screenshot (14)

They must be very popular right now.  I added them to my wish list.  I have the cork board, the sharpie, and lots of pins.