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Wrapping Paper Economics

Photo by C.a.t.

Stocking stuffers of silver and gold plastic coins from the dollar store can help make the holidays a little brighter and more fun for children, just like an array of rainbow-colored glass nodules can make a fine gravel bed for an aquarium.  They can become jewels until you start finding the real rubies and sapphires.  It is all a matter of imagination and presentation.

               It is 21 days until the Trump years end.  The crimes are all obvious, the investigations have been done to the point where they can be prosecuted.  As the investigations progress, more evidence comes to light.  There was motive, means, and opportunity.  Corruption of this nature is not new.  It is just packaged with a more elaborate bow.

                He did not act alone.  There were lots of elves and reindeers, lots of sleighs were used to move the money around.  It is up to the next administrations to unwrap the presents.  But the piles of wrapping paper and packaging, the debris of what delivered the items will have to be cleared away leaving only the items that were given.

                Some will have value; some will just be plastic with an illusion of value.  It will be up to the next administration to clean up the mess, to save what is useful and dispose of the garbage.

                We will know how the next years are going to transpire by the way the household cleans up the mess.  Will the usefully items be put into service?  Will the garbage go into the right dumpsters?  Will somebody fill a closet with old wrapping paper for use next year?  Some of it was pretty hideous.

                In the white elephant exchange of wrapping paper economics, that real clunker of a gift needs to be traced back to its source.  Then it is up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice and their courts of law to make sure that whoever brought that horrible gift never gets invited to the gift exchange ever again.             

The Dark Trough

Color becomes eye catching in the dead of winter. It reminds us that rising to the next crest is coming. February 1, Imbolc, is the first day of Spring in the old Celtic world. From there the raft of humanity rises with the Year of the Ox and the Vernal Equinox of the solar calendar. I am hoping that the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn indicate big events for the future of our species this years. We shall see. First we have to finish off this year in the Georgian system with Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Cobalt Blue
Blue Bells
Solar Face
Photo by C.a.t., Oregon Grape



Photo by C.a.t.


Cold Chain

Photo by C.a.t.

The schoolyard without children.

Rose Hips

Rose hips stand out really well after a snow fall.

Photo by C.a.t.

This poem was written many snows ago.

Moss Agate

Photo by C.a.t.

When you slice through certain rock made of silicate minerals, making a thin section and holding it up to the light, it paints a picture. Winter does something similar if you catch it in the right light.

The Naked Sky

Photo by C.a.t.

When dendritic fingers undress the sky.

The Dead of Winter

Photo by C.a.t.

It is less than a fortnight until the Winter Solstice, an auspicious one too.  There is a conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that has not been seen in eight-hundred years.  The last time this happened the Mongols were sweeping through what was left of the Persian Empire.  This is why the national sport in Afghanistan is buzkashi.  Horsemen riding for the privilege of dragging a beheaded sheep around a playfield.

I look forward to expansion and change in a large-scale social sense as we claw our way back into the Spring.  We will see who the sheep are and who are the riders.  There are always spectators who gamble on the outcome.

Photo by C.a.t.

Where The Forest Ends

Photo by C.a.t.


Ladybugs are so cute when you see one land on your sleeve, or on a green leaf, or a blade of grass.  They get a bit more sinister when they nest.

Photo by C.a.t.