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Night Life

I do like the night life.

Stanza Asterisk

Justice, who dares to weild your frightful sword?

Justice is not blind, she is blindfolded, but she holds

in her hands the scales and the sword.

She cannot see what those scales say.

She cannot see the necks those scales

have laid upon the block.

Justice, who places the feather

and the heart on your scales?

I Like This One!

Asterisk Stanza

They bought the whole bill of goods,

master race, the white man’s burden, chosen of gods.

The whirling wind has transported them all to Oz,

to Neverland, to Wonder Land, to the New Worlds.

Stanza #s

The secret lair within is where we all begin,

but then comes the feather and a scale set together.

A shovel full of dirt, or get over the hurt?

taken from Some Notes on 21st Cent. Sorcery


This is what the GOP did.

Tick Removal

Donald J. Trump is the tick.

White Russian

Nicholas II

It isn’t just a drink.  Once upon a time it was a Tzarist.

Vladimir Putin is a White Russian.

He doesn’t morn the days of the Soviets.  He morns Nicholas II.

Tzar Vladimir I is a White Supremacist.

It is a secret.  Don’t tell.

The cracks in America,

are cracks in the Federation as well.

Shush my child,

don’t tell.