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The Van

New starter, new starter switch, the repairs seem to be holding. Transport! The journey continues.

Election Security

Abusers always make it illegal for the abused to fight back.

Green Period

Monet had a greem period.


Just because you can’t see the head, doesn’t mean a snake doesn’t have one.


Old grass, new grass, and willow

are all attracted by the runoff

of the stream.


The ornamental distracts

from the retaining wall,

but the buttress will always


Fitting In

When I was little

I used to believe that people

were normal, and I

was normal too.

I tried to get through

the puberty thing thinking

that I was not much different

than everybody else.

Now that I am old

I know that I am crazy

and everybody else is too.

Hunting Flies

There are billions of them.

What purpose they serve I

could not tell you.

They must serve some.

It is just the one

that concerns me

as it buzzes about

the walls of the flat.

I do not need an extra

flat mate.

Full Moon

That was two days ago.  The salamanders could not find the problem.  With the retrograde Pluto starting yesterday, the van made two loads over to the new studio space.  Then on the way back, the charging gauge dropped to nothing.  I knew the problem would present if it was just put back into service.  Down by the creek again, waiting on the salamanders. There is hoodoo, but not sure what type.


                It is strange finding portals to other worlds in the Palouse country.  Sure, you find snarls of broken willow and ponds with frogs and snakes, but things that remind one of Mayan wells are rare.  The iris of grass and algae opens to clarity and the bottom.