Change The System

The move to my new workspace is done.  The van becomes a nice tool for the treasure hunting, portable living situation, and flea market sales in my fantasy future life, but it can rest for a bit.  It went through four starters during the three months of move.  That is on top of the first failure.  Apparently, the solenoid sits too close to the manifold and gets hot.  It is a design flaw.

There is a starter button on the dash now, and all sorts of shiny copper wire around the battery.  Turn the key, punch the button and it fires right up.  I still have to crawl under the rig and see if the wires go anywhere near the old/new starter.  My understanding of electricity is minimal at best.  I sure am no systems analyst, but it seems that the electrical specialists finally got around to the system was broken so they changed the system ploy.

About johnsmithiiimxiii

John Smith, IIMXIII is the avatar of an award winning poet, artist, etc. who still lives in the Palouse country of the Pacific NW. He has not received much notice with his prose . . . but as his avatar, I hope that he keeps plugging along.

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