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Making Introductions

I know a place where the feral hemlock grows,

and I know many people who should eat some.

I was taught how to cook, but is it worth it,

the trouble if by chance I get to meet them?


Step to the edge of what people contrive,

no matter how pretty,

no matter how wise,

the wind will sweep

to the edge of the skies.


The black wings shimmer as they pull up stream.  The stream’s course in a channel of deep bunch grass and green willow shadows and lights, a thousand shades, an infinite shade of verdant and dark weaves.  The bird is untouched by the flora.  The raven winds a course between them all.  It does not cry; it does not lie.  It flies at the will of its own.

Unicorns and Rainbows

I dropped a hanging ball of prism crystal a little lower in the window.  I used to be able to sit at certain hours and watch the rainbows dance about the room.  I haven’t seen the rainbows for years.  I’m afraid that the Grand Old Party is trying to blot out rainbows.  I suspect they have already slaughtered the unicorns.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Shel Silverstein wrote a book of poetry named “Where the Sidewalk Ends”.  It is a lot of fun stepping off the end of the sidewalk into the real world, but until you get there, there are some things to see along the way.


There are tricolors in the wetlands,

where cattails come to bear.

There are magick wands,

and floaties in the air.

A World Tree

The dendritic path between spring and summer

frequently feels black and white,

but is really an angry

crimson bruise of desire.

It is a gaping wound

of life aflame.

The azure and greens

are foils the bind the jewel

to the chain of forever.


Old grass, new grass, and willow

are all attracted by the runoff

of the stream.


The ornamental distracts

from the retaining wall,

but the buttress will always


Fitting In

When I was little

I used to believe that people

were normal, and I

was normal too.

I tried to get through

the puberty thing thinking

that I was not much different

than everybody else.

Now that I am old

I know that I am crazy

and everybody else is too.