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I Hate Politics!


Sometimes you have to look through the trees to see the rocks and the sea beyond.


I really hate wasting time on this, but I want there to be some record in case the US fails to pull it out of this spin dive into insanity. These posts will be a record of the lies that some of our politicians have given out to their constituents, and hopefully it will encourage the justice system to catch up with these people. There are a lot better political analysts than I.


This is the e-mail I sent to Senator Crapo a couple of days ago:


I was very disappointed in your vote on the tax bill, what was it, the week before last? It was not a great surprise.   It is a good thing that you are coming up for reelection in 2020 as it will give the working poor in Idaho a chance to see their taxes go up in the spring of 2019. By then I suppose you will have taken your lobbyist’s moneys and run. The oligarchs will have a firm control over our country by then.

I suppose you will be supporting the FCC in their voting against net neutrality as well. It will be one more strangle-hold on the people of Idaho.

This is his very quick response:

Crapo Taxes


This is my response to that response e-mailed today:


Thank you for your quick response on my concerns about the FCC vote. I was pleased to hear that you were opposed to what the FCC just did. We will see if the lawsuits can fix this. Just another example of how much chaos the Russian attack is doing to our country. I notice you do not address my concerns on the current tax bill. It is appalling. I have not even had time to look at the chimera of a bill that just got out of committee. My only hope is that there is a House vote again before it goes to the Senate. I am sure you all will pass it as it appears this is the only reason you have not moved against the Russian intrusion. This is conspiracy during the greatest threat our country has ever faced, and to all appearance the vast majority of the GOP is going along with what oligarchs both in and out of the country want. The only positive thing I have seen out of Congress was preventing the administration from removing sanctions. As with today’s FCC vote, the country is losing ground every day, and we have a little over eleven months left before people have a chance to take back Congress.