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“Some Men Just Need Killing”

I am still looking through old western films for where I first heard the phrase “Some men just need killing.” So far no luck, some close but no cigar moments in research. I will have to remember to write it down when I find it.

I am prettys sure it wasn’t Randolph Scott, but I could be wrong.

Mystery Men


Great movie, if you like a good comic book, “Better put on some pants if you are going to continue fighting evil today.”

You know how I know that good fighting evil is a lifelong occupation?  There are too many people out there fighting evil who are doddering idiots.  Nobody could have lived that long without something keeping them alive.

You know how I know that evil is a real thing?  There are too many evil doddering idiots with their ass hanging out for all the world to see.   Nobody could be that fucking stupid and still alive without some form of demon propping them up.

Heroes and villains, you really do have to like a good comic book.  If you live long enough, reality just turns into one hard slog.

The Train


It was in black and white, but I remember it as in color.

Paintings in the past colored by different eyes cast shadow

and light from a divergent angle

with eyes that blurred impression or

sharpened to realism.

The iron-road spiked

on to wooden rails is just

a track some surveyor laid out

and some engineer envisioned.

Claude, Pierre, Paul, and Henri engineered

with oil, and canvas tracks

the joy and suffering the Pullman

car can only carry.




What If?

After you have watched hundreds, if not thousands of hours, of film about war, disaster, and alien invasion, you notice that some character either military, political, scientist, or shmoe off the street who is smarter than everybody else gives the reason they do not want the general population to know what is going on is because “They will panic!”

In the real world, what if there is a darker reason?  People will not go to work.  Once that happens, things fall apart as Yeats put it.  People will not make the ammunition, people will not pay their taxes, build the escape rockets, or listen to their priests.  The exploited are no longer being successfully exploited.  The gilt cage is not so gilt anymore.

What if in the real world after hundreds, if not thousands of hours of films, books, classroom, wars, politics, scientific investigation, and shmoes off of the street who are smarter than everybody else, there is a sinister reason that God, the aliens, and The Man do not want the general population to know what is going on.  Because they do not know either.

Sci-Fi Platypuses



The planet is past due for an android strike.

The fossil record on gill-men tells me so.

Kronos was an accumulator even the one

who ate his children.

But we will probably need something

more than platitudes.

The world needs something more

like Gort.  He, however was a robot.


The Illusion Dynasty

Bubba Ho Tep

Bubba Ho Tep


Donald J. Trump is a bubba, a well off bubba, but a bubba nonetheless.  But he is no where near a Ho Tep.  His pedigree is too short.












Monsters have been around a very long time, from Leviathan to Grendel.  Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein during a small European cold spell.  The monster of that novel is a bit different than the one portrayed in film. In the film still above, the monster is destroyed by the villagers, burned up with the mill.  In film there are monsters you hate and when they die you get a kind of release.  In “It Came from Beyond Space”, they suck all the air out of their spaceship to kill their monster and we go yea! There are monsters in films that we actually feel a little sorry for.  The monster in the Frankenstein film is one of them.  I feel a little sad when they burn up the “Beast from 20,000 fathoms” in the amusement park.  A person can keep fictional monsters at arm’s length whether they are likable or unlikable.  From giant bugs to alien invaders the army always saves the day and we can rest easy after a rollercoaster ride in fantasy land.

Frankenstein in the novel follows his creation north to destroy him after the monster has done some pretty crummy things to those around Frankenstein in the name of some form of monster angst. I suppose in the end Frankenstein destroys himself as well.  Some might argue that the scientist destroyed himself when he created the monster.  His willful pursuit of creation being his undoing as, to me anyway, he does not possess the inner strength to cope with creation. He passes out at the point of creation when he needs the strength to deal with what he has done. The real work of taking care of a child begins when a woman is most exhausted.

Real monsters, in the real world do not get the luxury of sympathy.  In the real world when you sympathize with a monster, you eventually become something like an Igor, partly responsible.  But it is more than that in the real world, it is like vampirism.  It is a disease that infects and can be spread not only by patient zero (e.g. the monster) but as in the zombie apocalypse they are all monsters, ghouls feeding on humans.  They are all monsters without souls.  They lose the shed a tear for them along the way factor.

In the current real world we live in, the monster Trump has risen his ugly head.  Unlike the monster in Frankenstein, he will not get a tear from me when he meets his end.   He was a monster before he became a politician; he embraced his monster-hood.  In this case, there was not just one mad scientist, there were a whole slew of them, many of which are still in the shadows, hidden.  They will not get a tear from me when they are brought out into the light.  They are monsters in their own right.  They were willful in this crime.

The forces that I believe created the monster Trump are the same group of mad scientists who believe shell corporations and LLCs are a good idea.  Hiding moneys in a tax haven defrauds the infrastructure of what nation or nations helped make that money, including the human resources who have to pay their taxes.  Hiding assets is just a way of protecting it from being taken away from you does not cut it as an excuse.  That is what bank guards are paid for and why we have the FDIC.  There is shame and criminal behavior in hiding assets.  How many trillions of dollars are socked away somewhere that cannot be seen by anyone, and what kind of dark deeds made that money for somebody? There is no army going to save the day from the giant insects in this particular reality we are living.  Many of those mass graves being uncovered have their origins due to “the army”.  And unfortunately the same forces that are guiding “the army” in this case are supporting those hidden funds.

It has been pointed out that the monster Trump was a reality T.V. show star. It makes the leap from movie monster to reality monster a much more applicable metaphor. Hollywood fantasy monster mutating into a real world monster. The media likes to label this White House as a reality show presidency. All the extras in this reality show are not extras from a film set, they are real people that this real monster and his own personal Dr. Frankensteins are destroying, maiming, and murdering for profits that is not coming out of ticket sales; it is coming out of human blood.