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Lesson Learned

Trump Father Mother

My Dad never told me he was teaching me lessons.  When he paid me six bits an hour to paint the fence; he didn’t tell me that it was an example of the value of money.  But after sixty-four years of working for an hourly wage, it has finally sunk in as to what two bits is worth.

People who have never worked for an hourly wage in their life do not understand working for a living.



The People’s Assets

31 MAY 78


In the land that was the CCCP, now called the Russian Federation, the people’s assets have been taken away. Now is the time for those assets to be returned to the people.  Workers of the Federation unite.  Your father’s fathers did it once, do it again.  The Revolution never ends; it is an endless battle.  In my country, we have been asleep as well.  We have been forced to wake up and look at the country we have allowed to be overrun by greedy gluttons.  We have begun to fight back.  It is a hard row to hoe, but spring is coming.  This has been the year of the roaster.  This will be the year of the dog.  I hope this dog can hunt, and has a hard bite.