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Interstate 80 West


. . .  passed Winnemucca

winter white, fog

green sign facing West

the distance to Battle Mountain.

Perched on supports,

one to a side,

Crows looking out

at the oncoming,

desert cut off by ice

only the highway


and Crows are fat, sleek.


first published in Living With a Stranger: self portrait, 1993.



Owl Time in Albion

. . . smoking a Camel in the yard after

the bars close, watching the ember,

listening to owls.

There is a cabalistical joke in there

somewhere; occultisms are like that.


Aldebaran has been up an hour.

Sirius is in the West.

Lawn’s growing fast now;

the picket fence doesn’t seem so hard.

When people dream there isn’t territory.


At first it’s only one,

as quiet thickens

different trees answer.

Horned one in the poplar, Taurus behind,

Screech from the willows, Saw Whet from pines.

If you listen long enough

birds map out the trees.

There’s a chart above the fence-line.


first published in Fugue, Spring, 1992.

6th Street Moscow


Sixth street in Moscow

has six signals

between work and home.

White lines, yellow lines

walk, don’t walk under,

green amber red.


Feel compelled to wait at signals?

Wait for the lights?

Walk between the lines

when no cars are coming?

That’s why I cross

in the middle of the block.


first published in Living With a Stranger: self portrait, 1993.

Garbage Man’s Musings

One of the possibilities of why Comey “voted early” by outing the investigation on Clinton is that he fell for the Federation’s weaponized miss-direction program. The false news through social media information surfacing on the web, and even perhaps taken up in NSA or CIA monitoring. This would mean that the US intelligence agencies was unprepared for this type of warfare. This is possible.

But another possibility is that the US intelligence and law enforcement apparatus was aware of this new type of weapon and deliberately staked Clinton out as a “Judas goat” to bring out the tiger. The complex mix of financial interests and political organizations has grown so complicated with shell companies, international banks, LLCs, etc. that they wanted to draw out how they operated through the web and social media. This would give them trails to follow back. They now have all the visible members of the US pieces in one basket, in the public eye: that big white house.

That would make them very clever and players of the long game. The “deep state” might just be the US conscience, long ignored.

Of course, this is just idle musings, way out of my skill set. I still have to pick up the garbage after everybody’s wonderful plans go wrong.

The Hen-house

The fox is in the hen-house now.  It will be eating off us chickens for a long time.  The farmer might as well get out of the chicken business, because they aren’t willing to put a bullet in the dazzling thing.  This fox sees himself as an Andrew Jackson figure, but Andy Jackson had a couple pieces of lead in him when he coughed out his last.

Dueling . . . we should never have outlawed dueling: pistols or long blades.  God knows how many wars would never have happened if dueling was still legal.  The field of honor would have weeded out the cowardly and the stupid.  There is no lead in this glutton of a fox.

He will just gorge himself on us stupid chickens.  I hope there is some hound out there that can still hunt.


Donald Trump seems to be awfully worried about his plumbing of late.  There seem to be a few leaks.  Here is something to help him relax.  Remember when the CIA and KGB were reputed to be playing with remote viewing.  They were said to have given up as it was no more effective than normal intelligence gathering methods.

But remember, these people were playing around in a lab with techniques that go back thousands of years in the shamanistic communities, free-lance intelligence agents with their own agendas.  They probably have some issues with people like Donald Trump, people who destroy the world they have been living and working in for a very long time.  Maybe they have just taken notice of the poor slob in the pinnacle of incompetence, remember the Peter Principle?  Government is a hierarchy.

Maybe the rats in the walls aren’t the “dirty” kind, maybe they are the “familiar” kind: something to think about.


It has been some time since my avatar and I have worked on this blog.  It would seem that we have been co-opted by the Resistance (what ever that may be).  I will be posting old published works as best as I can.  There will be a few new works as well in the hopes they will have some effect in this time of turbulence (or should we use “Interesting Times”?).