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Benjamin Franklin

There is a reason that Franklin is on the $100 bill.

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” Benjamin Franklin

Pepperoni Pizza

Hi, my name is John, and I am an addict.

I just want to remind everybody that when the box says “pepperoni made with pork, chicken, and beef”, that means it is made with all the bits and bobs off of the slaughterhouse floor.


I wonder if there is a Herat glass being made still?

There was in 1973 when these dogfights took place in a gravel pit outside of Kabul.

Pattern Recognition

I have been working on my pattern recognition software upgrade.

Character Development


               This is a question about character development.  If you as a reader or writer came across this internal dialog of a character, would you consider it to be a bad character or a good character?  By this I mean, would they be a good guy or a bad guy?  I guess I am also asking of the character would work psychologically?

                My thought on it is it is too soon to tell.  It would depend on further development by thought and action in the story.  What do you think?  They would be some sort of detective, soldier, law enforcement kind of character in a pulp fiction piece: smuggler might do, somebody on the other side of the Law.


‘I can understand where a Nazi is coming from.  They want to kill the bad guys.  It appeals to a certain sort of person.  I know, I was programed all my life to kill Nazis.  Captain America kills Nazis.  Hollywood’s American Army kills Nazis.  In my schooling says America kills Nazis.  Fortunately, in my upbringing I was taught to think about who the Nazis are.  If they are trying to get me killed, they are Nazis.  If they are shooting at me, I know they are Nazis.

                I know my sins; I can tell the difference between if they are shooting at me for my sins, or just because I happen to be in the line of fire for no damn reason at all. I happen to have a prayer rug the size of a good-sized room to pray away my sins.  Some men only have rugs the size they can kneel on.  I know my sins intimately; I will see those who I wronged, and they may get that free shot because I am such a bastard.  It depends on the day I am having.

                This current breed of Nazi raised in the U.S.A. is fair game, well, they will be once they start to shoot at me for whatever reason.  I see what they are.  They are right bastards that need to be put down.  When they are shooting at me, I will put them down.  I will try to make sure my letters of marque let me kill them with as little hassle as possible.  What do I care, I am getting old, less to live for unless somebody comes up with the elixir vita, the philosopher’s stone, or nanotechnology, the hassle might be worth while if I am feeling really old that day.

                But I am hoping that the “good” guys who see me as an acceptable loss in their battle against Nazis recognize that I have more and more really tired days.  I am still looking for that elixir vita, and I am not going to trust that whole resurrection into eternal life thing if I die thing; nobody has laid out the rules to my satisfaction yet.  I will depend entirely on the kind of day I am having.’


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The Prices These Days!

I moved out of my garret last spring into a burrow. It was much cooler this summer. But I started thinking about milkshakes recently and looked around for my vanilla flavoring. Things get lost in the shuffle. This little bottle of vanilla was over eight dollars at the store. The good extras were over twenty a bottle. I am going to have to start working on my kitchen alchemy projects with vanilla beans. The prices these days!


Somebody gave me a puzzle the other day. I may have seen it in the past, but who remembers. The trick is to move the top of the pyramid to the opposite direction by moving only 3 coins. I poked at it all day and didn’t get it done. Got up the next morning after some sleep, started looking at it from another angle before coffee, it took me about 5 minutes. Problem solving is sometimes a matter of sleep and coming at it from a different direction. The old aphorism of “If it doesn’t fit, force it. If it breaks, it needed to be replaced anyway.” does not always apply.

Pretty Rocks

New finds can sometimes hold old finds.


Samhain is coming.


With all the talk of swollen testicles from the vacine last month, I thought these would be less hairy.