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The enemy is treacherous.  When one is fighting oneself, self can be the most treacherous enemy of all.

Crime and Politics


If you are a politician and you commit murder, when you are caught by the opposition, did the murder happen?  When is a politician’s crime not political, when members of the politician’s party think it is a crime?  No, a crime is a crime.   The reason a political party does or does not prosecute the crime is political.  Where is Gort when you need it?





RETRACTION, with apologies: I made a mistake last week, or was it the week before?  I looked up on the web to find out what the Dow was sitting at on the day that Donald J. Trump was sworn into office.  It was 19,800ish.  When I was watching the market fall last week, or was it the week before (?), after almost 2 years of the horrors of Trump mismanagement with the help of the GOP and others, I miss read the number as 29,800.  My bad, old eyes, apophenia, whatever . . . I ran with it and I was wrong.  That would have made the fall of the market 7000 points over the last 2 years.  That is not correct.  Among all the bad things that have happened since the election of Trump, that has not happened yet.  I misspoke and published that on the web.  To those who took those numbers to heart, I apologize.  I hate embarrassing myself in public and have done so many times.  I do not like to do it to others.  I think people should learn to just make their own mistakes without the help of others.  I just made one.


So with our federal government in partial shutdown until at least the day after Christmas, Trump forced to stay in the White House when he wanted to go to Mar-a-Lago to soak up tax dollars and conspire with the wealthy, America’s betrayal of the Kurdish people in Syria, Russia Turkey Iran Assad and ISIS’s victory in Syria, the upcoming victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan, all the high-ranking Congressmen, Senators, White House officials running away after their helping to cripple American integrity and its economy, amidst all this I apologize for making a mistake on a number and running with it. My bad.





Five days a week I drive the garbage out of town. I know the price of higher education in a small town, it is a million plus pounds of solid waste a year dragged out to the transfer station. It is thrown on a concrete floor, scrapped into truck trailers with a front-end loader, and driven away South to Oregon to be buried in the ground. It has become somebody else’s problem, but the problem has not gone away. The problem has just changed form, become hidden.

Summer heat, winter cold, spring light, growing old, I pass the graveyard almost every day. What people believe is hidden is not always the truth about what is hidden. The questions bubble up in a bored mind as the motions become just that: motions, not actions. Just when you think the mind has become numb and you can stop worrying about the ticking years to retirement and death, the reality of going nowhere over and over again returns in some flash of a sight that makes you question truth as opposed to reality, or is it reality as opposed to truth?

Sculpted by the night of winter storms, gray head-stones have become lines of cameos. Relief figures in snow by some unknown lapidary of ice. Pictures of who has been buried without a face or voice of their own. The tilt of earth has made the sun more distant than summer, but cold has made it bright in reflected light of snow. These markers become sundials by their shadows all pointing in one direction. The stones up, the shadows through the arch of the dial’s circumference, as the world moves through its own.

The head-stones are the fingers pointing up, up away from the buried, away from the not seen. Yet the buried always comes back to haunt you, no matter how many times you have driven it away. The world does not make you forget, let you forget: people do. They have need to make action, which becomes motion. The rock does not want to stay on the top of the hill; Sisyphus knows this. But if you shovel enough dirt on it, it will go way.



taken from “Some Notes on 21st Century Sorcery”.


It has been some time since my avatar and I have worked on this blog.  It would seem that we have been co-opted by the Resistance (what ever that may be).  I will be posting old published works as best as I can.  There will be a few new works as well in the hopes they will have some effect in this time of turbulence (or should we use “Interesting Times”?).