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Fill your dreams with slumber,

fill your slumber with dreams.

We fill the world with wonder;

we wonder at all it seems.

My mind sometime ripped asunder

with the nightmare visions it streams.

In a summer embroiled in thunder,

which covers the echoes of screams,

will crimes committed for plunder

under Mister Toad’s rising spleen

fail and be legally under

a gun-ship’s cannons a beam?

With lightning the tower is broken,

and the midnight star is token.





The Worm



If New York is still called the Big Apple, the city should be relieved that the giant worm is now in DC.

Crime and Politics


If you are a politician and you commit murder, when you are caught by the opposition, did the murder happen?  When is a politician’s crime not political, when members of the politician’s party think it is a crime?  No, a crime is a crime.   The reason a political party does or does not prosecute the crime is political.  Where is Gort when you need it?


Lesser Demons in The Hierarchy



Everything that “Newt” Gingrich says must be taken with a grain of salt.




Truth does reach a point where it is no longer malleable.


Jared Kushner


Is Jared Kushner a robot?  I was watching the Axios interview, looking for discomfort and tells, but I couldn’t see any.  I readily admit that I am no expert, and I apologize for using an Axios photo without their permission, but if he is not a robot somebody really needs to put him through some serious psychoanalysis.  As far as my limited knowledge from Psych 101, he would have to be a psychopath or maybe a sociopath with that much repressed emotion.  I suppose he could be an alien in a skin suit, but then we would have to look at the whole family, and they have public records.  I’m just asking questions here.




Terrorism can never be defeated unless the root cause of terrorism is addressed.  Every action taken to defeat terrorism, unless it is directed at the root cause, will only create more terrorism.


Like It Is

When I hear the enraptured Trump supporter, or anybody for that matter, say, “He tells it like it is.” I think, ‘No, he tells it like you believe it to be.’  Right now I am going through a radical reassessment of how my mind works, just for my own gratification.


Page One

of the Mueller Report tells me pretty much what the intelligence agencies around the world and the Senate Intelligence Committee preliminary report told me.  The Russian intelligence services attacked the 2016 election in favor of Donald J. Trump.  The rest of the report tells me that Donald and his campaign were willing to traffic in stolen goods for his and their benefits.  The Federal Security Bureau was and is willing to trade stolen goods for fun and profit.

What Donald tells me with his omissions, lies, and hyperbole is that his finances have compromised himself and his company to the detriment of our Federated Republic.  It also tells me he does not care.  He only has to release his tax returns for the last thirty years and all his, and our, problems go away.  Those returns either show he has not committed financial crimes that can be used against him, or that he has.  But to the delight of those who are using his administration around the world for fun and profit, he remains a sleazy occultism until the end.