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From The Magickal Diary

If you fail being what you think you are, become what you want to be, if you do not know what you want to be, strive to be nothing.  The world will eventually whisper what it wants you to be.  If you stay nothing, you will do less harm.

fragment of Some Notes on 21 Century Sorcery

Story Telling

There has always been a cloud phase in stories.

The U.S.A. Was Wrong!

After the above headline, I would love to see this lead line on every newspaper on the planet.

“Trump Administration’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq is tantamount to an admission that the Bush Administration was wrong in those invasions!”

The Knitter’s Book Club

Literary Analysis: Does taking apart a yarn, a story, and putting it back together give you a new pair of socks?  No, but it tells you which lines have worn out.  Then you can splice in a bit of new fishing line or something to see if the sock will keep you warm in the winter.

Story Telling

There definately was a reptile phase in learning to about stories. The Lost World and The Land Unknown were full of them.

The rare two headed serpent mutation from the metal pile.


I finally looked up what the Parler App is this morning.  Do not mind me, I am slow.

It reminds me of something I read during my Paladin Press, Survival Poaching, .38 caliber is a common round, Ragnar Benson research days about where not to hang out if you want to fall off the grid in the early 80s days.

“Never hang out in bars, that is where cops like to hang out.”

North Idaho

There was an old radio spot for Tri-State that had the jingle “We live in North Idaho and it shows.”

photo by Rainbow

“Immature artists imitate. Mature artists steal.”—Lionel Trilling

Story Telling

I am pretty sure there was a butterfly phase in learning about stories that started somewhere around when Bilbo popped his head through the canopy of Mirkwood forest.

National Security

The last time the United States was this divided over an election, al-Qaeda took the opportunity to commit mass murder with four passenger planes at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Then a whole lot of war profiteers all over the world made out like bandits.  The world is still paying the bill for that court decision.

Story Telling


              I remember it was a thing to talk about the human fetus going through all the phases of evolution in its development while reading in magickal self-help books, or was it was just in monster movies?

                In my development in looking at the world, there was a mushroom phase.  I believe there were giant mushrooms in Journey to The Center of The Earth.