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If one were to take a state, say Texas, and figure how much money that state puts into the federal government, all totaled, and compare it to how much money the federal government puts into that state, all totaled, who is on the loosing end of this arrangement? Maybe this winter I will think about the math.

Lightning Strikes

The sun is engulfed in smoke as it sinks in the western sky.  It has changed from a burnished disk of copper into the color of a maraschino cherry waiting on the top of soft serve ice cream.

                The glassed walls of the new industrial complex on the eastern side of the highway which runs up to an old logging mill town catch the light from the sun, turning the windows into a bright neon sign glowing in the dwindling day.  There are no smokestacks billowing forth from this park.  It makes a safer form of electrical component for the modern world, but the neon like reflection brings to mind certain shady districts in an urban sprawl.  Business is just business.

                It was soon after the Fourth of July that the fires began to leap up under the heat dome.  The Media reported on the minor blazes stamped out quickly from the fireworks.  They also mentioned a ruptured femoral artery, a casualty of war.  A week later they mentioned the seventy odd lightening strikes in the state.  Their electrical discharges must have been throughout the western states.

                Most forest fires are caused by lightening you know.  Somebody was fond of telling me that.

                It must have been the “Only You” on the hat with Smokey.

                The Media also mentioned a woman dragged from her tent and eaten by a Grizzly.  Through the years, I have witnessed some live Grizzly behavior.  Mothers protecting their cubs from the young human cubs, digging burrows like big prairie dogs, bears will be bears.

                Fire will be fire.  Electricity will be electricity.  They have been observed by our kind for the twelve-million-year journey to owning industrial parks.  They were probably observed by the giant cave bear.  Ursa Major does not live here anymore.  The bear’s stars shine down in the black void above the smoke.

Chauvin’s Conviction

When I saw the picture of Chauvin being led out of court with his arms cuffed behind him, an old phrase from the nineteen sixties surfaced in my brain, “Up against the wall motherfucker!”

Half a century has barely put a scratch in this kind of shit.  I am still waiting to hear some of the big, fat, ugly bugs go splat on that wall.

Peter Sellers

Some people like to say that Peter Seller’s last movie was “Being There”, it wasn’t. The “Fiendish Plot of Fu Manchu” was. It was realised in 1980; “Being There” was realeased in 1979. Those two films helped me stitch together that it isn’t the Yellow Peril of Sax Rohmer which is the problem. It is White Peril.

Coriolis Effect

Are Trump branded properties in the Southern Hemisphere circling the drain in the opposite direction?

Existential Threat


               What is funny about Donald J. Trump and the GOP being an existential threat to the US Constitution is that they see people opposed to them as existential threats to the US Constitution.  This is why the endless struggle between good and evil is just that: endless.

I Like This One!


This is what the GOP did.

Tick Removal

Donald J. Trump is the tick.

White Russian

Nicholas II

It isn’t just a drink.  Once upon a time it was a Tzarist.

Vladimir Putin is a White Russian.

He doesn’t morn the days of the Soviets.  He morns Nicholas II.

Tzar Vladimir I is a White Supremacist.

It is a secret.  Don’t tell.

The cracks in America,

are cracks in the Federation as well.

Shush my child,

don’t tell.